Technical Training Institute
Ksar el-Boukhari, Algeria
The campus, which serves about 1,000 students as well as faculty and personnel, is divided into two main sections by a river valley. On one side are classrooms, student housing, and social facilities, on the other side lies the faculty and personnel housing. The major gathering point is the main square with its high dining hall. The classrooms are grouped at the north end of the square. The seminar rooms are gathered around four courtyards, and the workshops, with their characteristic profile of curved skylights, round off the scheme towards the road. The student dormitories, west of the square, consist of two-storey courtyard houses. Faculty houses are single-storey of varying size. The complex is constructed using reinforced concrete frames and brick infill, roofs are of reinforced concrete prefabricated on site.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Ksar el-Boukhari, Algeria
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Technical Training Institute
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training center