Integrated Training Center
Peshawar, Pakistan
Four separate training programmes for teachers (T.T.C.), apprentices (A.S.Y.A.R.), medical auxilliaries (M.T.A.) and surgeons (M.R.C.A.) have been grouped in common facilities to provide more coherent and comprehensive assistance to Afghan refugees in the Peshawar province of Pakistan. The programme was instigated in 1986 by Solidarité Afghanistan, representing numerous non-governmental organisatlons, and is co-financed by the Commission des Communautés Européennes. The British Sandy Gall's Afghanistan Appeal (S.G.A.A.) rehabilitation programme for disabled refugees was integrated to the programme in 1988. The entire complex was built by refugees, assisted by members of Architectes sans Frontières

The ground floor of the complex is occupied by the medical training centre and hospital whilst the first floor houses class rooms and dormitories for students. A module of load-bearing, cement-stabilised brick measuring 4m x 8m is the basis of the construction. This module is simply repeated as required to attain the required surface, be it a simple classroom space or a treatment ward. The simplicity of the construction allowed the refugees themselves to gradually take control of the works. Externally, brick arches are the dominant feature, in an honest expression of the construction materials, and offer shade to the verandahs, which serve as circulation spaces.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Peshawar, Pakistan
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Ground floor area: 3,430 m²; total site area: 10,000 m²
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Integrated Training Centre
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health care