Military Hammam
Marrakech, Morocco
The hammam was built for the use of Air Force military personnel and their families. The main bath house consists of an octagonal-shaped hot room surrounded by four octagonal-shaped, and four small, square-shaped temperate rooms aranged to compose a square in plan. The heating plant is situated in the basement, directly beneath the hot room. Externally, the elements such as windows openings and rainwater pipes are accentuated by exposed, hand-crafted brick surrounds. Walls are of compacted earth brick produced in-situ with the aid of a hand operated mechanical press which was also designed and fabricated in-situ. The smooth external render is composed of earth, lime and cement. Internal walls and ceilings are finished with 6mm thick lime plaster polished with river stone and black soap. Floors are finished in stone.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Marrakech, Morocco
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