A.B.U. Theatre Workshop
Zaria, Nigeria
Small enclosed workshops grouped around an open-air space in a square layout. The theatre is built using indigenous materials and techniques in the form of traditional Hausa hut structures. 
A domed mud-walled square room, or soro, anchors the south end of the facility and serves as the theatre entrance. A second soro, at the opposite end of the compound, houses back-stage functions. Both of these square volumes are detailed with traditional bas-relief ornamentation.1

1. "AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY THEATRE." EYRC Architects. Accessed August 05, 2016. http://eyrc.com/work/ahmadu-bello-university-theatre.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Zaria, Nigeria
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Ahmadu Bello University Theater
Ahmadu Bello University Theatre
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