Husn al Jahim al Qu’ayti
Aden, Yemen
This residential complex is designed to allow an extended family to live together. It consists of three buildings: a single-storey structure containing the men’s meeting place and two larger, linked blocks, five and seven storeys high. Each floor typically provides three bedrooms: other facilities include a women’s meeting place, kitchens and a dining hall. The main structure is of reinforced concrete, ceilings are of timber. Load-bearing walls are of basalt: the bands of lighter stone defining the separate storeys are in keeping with local tradition, as are the finials on the roof, which pierce ‘the clouds during the rainy seasons’

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Aden, Yemen
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Ground floor area: 404 m²; combined floor area: 1,118 m²; total site area: 1,410 m²
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