Shahzadi-ka Rawza
Chanderi, India
The Shahzadi-ka Rawza is a grey sandstone tomb located outside of the town in an area near Parmeshwar Tal. Its exact date of construction is unknown, but it is believed to date to the late 15th century. The tomb is square in plan and has a double-storeyed facade with five blind ogee arches. Like other monuments in Chanderi, particularly the Jami Masjid, the tomb is notable for its carved serpent brackets. The interior is a single story square room, with two sarcophagi located in the interior, though it is unknown who lies buried in them. Legend says the tomb was built for the princess Mehrunissa by her father.


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Chanderi, India
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constructed ca. 1475/879 AH
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Shezadi ka Raoza
Shezadi Ka Raoza
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