Bibi ki Masjid
Burhanpur, India
The Bibi ki Masjid was possibly built by the wife of Sultan Adil Shah Faruqi II (d. 1520/926 AH) in the nine years after his death, or is alternately dated to ca. 1590/998 AH. The prayer hall is four by fifteen aisles, with large domes covering open spaces at the north and south ends. The exterior facade has five arches, with the central arch wider than those on its sides. Large square minarets flank the facade. The walls of the courtyard are ruined and the entrance gate is closed.


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Burhanpur, India
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possibly constructed in the 1520s/926-935 AH
alternately dated ca. 1590/998 AH
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Variant Names
Biwi ki Masjid
Bibi ki Mosque
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