Qasba Tanja
Tangier, Morocco

The Qasba of Tangier was originally the administrative and military center of the old Islamic city. It is composed to two main squares, the Place du Tabor to the East, and the Place du Mechouar to the West. The squares are connected by zanqat Touila, the Long Street. Place du Tabor was the police headquarters, located in the Bordj al-Naam. The Place du Mechouar, also called the Place du Bit al-Mal, was the administrative center of the city. The governor's palace, treasury, tribunal, and other buildings were located there. Sources speak of an Andalusian palace in the Qasba that daties back to the 12th century, but it is no longer extant. The Qasba as it exists today was built by the Portuguese after the British left Tangier and returned the city to the Portuguese rule in the late 17th century. The neighborhood known as Gourna served to quarter the soldiers of the Makhzen. 

The principal ports of the Qasba are the Bab al-Marshan, Bab El-Assa, Bab Haha, and Bab Qasba. More recent entry points were added at Bab er-Raha in 1920, and a staircase off rue de la Casbah later in the 20th century. 

Today the Qasba is a residential neighborhood. The Palace has been converted into the Casbah Museum

--Michael A. Toler, Ph.D., AKDC@MIT


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Tangier, Morocco
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