Jami' Masjid of Chanderi
Chanderi, India
The Jami' Masjid of Chanderi dates to the 15th century and is the only mosque in Chanderi that retains its original medieval form. Based on the skillful use of building technique and ornament, it is likely this mosque dates to 1450/853 AH or later. An entrance porch on the east facade leads to a square court (31.42 x 24.38 m) with arcades on the north and south sides, and the prayer hall (37.49 x 11.73 m) at the west end topped by three white marble domes. The arcade on the east side is no longer extant. The prayer hall opens onto the court with eleven arched openings, and the northern and southern arcades with nine. The prayer hall qibla wall has 13 niches. Like other monuments in Chanderi, particularly the Shahzadi-ka Rawza, the mosque is notable for its carved serpent brackets.


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Major District Road 19, Chanderi, India
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15th century
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courtyard: 31.42 x 24.38 m; sanctuary: 37.49 x 11.73 m
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Jami' Mosque
Friday Mosque
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