Dargah of Shaykh Muhammad Mashyakha
Gulbarga, India
The village of Holkonda lies 30 km outside of Gulbarga and contains a tomb enclosure known as the Dargah of Shaykh Muhammad Mashyakha. The enclosure has a large arched entrance gateway on the eastern side and a wall mosque on the western side, and five tombs situated inside. Two tombs sit outside the enclosure walls. The seven tombs were built at different periods, with the earliest being the tomb of Shaykh Mashyakha, a square domed structure dated to the mid-to-late 14th century. There are three other squared domed structures: the tombs of Allu and Mallu, both located outside of the the enclosure wall and dated to the late 14th century, and the tomb of Jalal Khan inside the enclosure, dated to the same time period. The tomb of Allu is the only tomb in the Deccan known to be built entirely of brick.

The 3 other tombs at Holkonda are later, dated to the mid 15th century. The tombs of A'zam Khan and Khair Khan have double-story facades with perpendicular walls, similar to late Bahmani structures. The tomb of Dilawar Khan is a tall, domed octagonal tomb that appears to be Persian in design, and it is unclear how this design was brought to Holkonda.


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Gulbarga, India
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ca. mid-14th to mid-15th centuries
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Dargah of Shaykh Muhammad Mashyakha
Dargah of Shaykh Muhammad Mashayakh
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