Tomb of Diwan Shurfa Khan
Thatta, Pakistan
Diwan Shurfa Khan (d. 1638/1047 AH) was a minister in the state government during Mughal rule. His tomb, along with its adjoining mosque, is the best preserved and most colorful of the brick monuments on Makli Hill.  The square plan tomb stands on a platform in a walled enclosure, and was originally covered with light blue tiles, along with its Persian style dome. The red brick walls have light blue tiles set in the joints. Round towers at each corner have an enclosed staircase leading to the roof.

The interior of the dome is decorated in glazed bricks in a chevron pattern, and the mihrab in the western wall of the enclosure, as well as the central part of the mosque, are decorated with tiles.


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Secretary of Culture, Government of Sindh. "Preservation, Restoration & Development of the Tomb of Dewan Shurfa Khan at Makli Hill Monuments, Thata." Funding application, Endowment Fund Trust for Preservation of the Heritage of Sindh, 2011. [Accessed June 19, 2014]
Thatta, Pakistan
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1638/1047 AH
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Diwan Shurfa Khan Mausoleum
Tomb of Dewan Shurfa Khan
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