Ganesh Wooden Mosques Restoration
Ganish, Pakistan
Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme

Situated in the historic settlement of Ganish, Hunza the cluster of four 300-years old mosques are located around the settlement jataq (common public space). These mosques are excellent examples of the family mosques that are typical in the region, representing traditional wooden architecture and architectural decoration and ornament at its best, and they lend the jataq great appeal. Together, these four mosques constitute a highly significant cultural ensemble. This ensemble also has a strong group value and are rich to experience with their intimate detail and spatial organisation.

Initiated and undertaken by Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan (AKCS-P) with help of the local community, the project has rebuilt community spirit in a rural village which has undergone major socio-economic change and natural disasters over the years. The restrained conservation approach has stabilized the structures which were in danger of collapse, while retaining the rich historic patina and showcasing the intricate detailing of the structures. Modern materials were selectively incorporated alongside the use of traditional materials and techniques. The preservation of the surrounding buildings and infrastructural improvements was sensitively executed, consequently strengthening the traditional town fabric while upgrading the quality of life of the residents. While restoring these cluster of four mosques, common public space jataq was also successfully revitalized which symbolize itself as heart of any such settlement in mountainous Gilgit-Baltistan.

The total covered area of these mosques is circa 95m². Physical work on the project was started in April 1998 and completed on January 2000. Total cost of project was US$ 13,000 which was provided Royal Norwegian Embassy, Islamabad with AKCS-P providing technical assistance. The project won Award of Distinction in the 2002 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards.

Source: Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan


Ganish, Pakistan
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restored 1998-2000
95 m²
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Yarikutz Mosque
Rupikutz Mosque
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