Sabil wa Kuttab Yusuf Agha Dar al-Sa'ada
Cairo, Egypt
The sabil-kuttab of Yusuf Agha Dar al-Sa'ada is situtated on the corner of Darb al-Ahmar to the west of the Mosque of al-Mihmandar. The sabil takes an unusual form with its facades obliquely aligned to the street, creating an angle. The street level has risen to the level of the bronze sabil grilles, which contain some surviving cutout inserts with the name of Allah. Tiled lunettes sit over both grilles, and a marble poetic inscription in Turkish is above the right grille.

The interior was once lined in blue and white tiles, many of which have disappeared. The original marble salsabil remains, under a wooden muqarnas hood. The water distribution room has an Arabic inscription around the ceiling.

This monument is often confused with the Sabil of Muhammad Katkhuda Mustahfizan. The confusion may stem from changes in ownership over time, and multiple inscriptions.


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Darb al-Ahmar, Cairo, Egypt
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1677/1088 AH
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Variant Names
Sabil wa Kuttab Yusuf Agha Dar al-Sa'ada
Sabil-kuttab of Yusuf Agha Dar al-Sa'ada
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