Sabil Ibrahim Agha Mustahfizan
Cairo, Egypt
The sabil of Ibrahim Agha Mustahfizen stands with his house-waqf, and the tomb of Ibrahim Khalifa Guindian, across the street from the madrasa of Umm Sultan Sha'ban. The sabil has decorative stone strapwork and retains its original bronze grilles and an intact inscription, along with a hooded salsabil inside. It has two entrances, one on the northern elevation with a flat arch, and a secondary entrance from the tomb-entrance corridor that leads behind the rab' shop units. Two large corbels on the western side support what appears to be part of the adjacent residential unit rather than the usual kuttab. There is evidence that the complex at one time continued farther east.


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Cairo, Egypt
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1639-1640/1049-1050 AH
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Sabil Ibrahim Agha Mustahfizan
Sabil of Ibrahim Agha Mustahfizan