Sabil wa Hawd 'Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda
Cairo, Egypt
The double arched facade of the hawd is all that remains of this fountain and watering trough built by al-Rahman in the 18th century. The hawd today is occupied by workshops and living units. The two large arches of the facade are supported by a central granite column, and the openings have been closed up. Two brick domes have collapsed and the roof is a temporary wooden structure. Two rear arches and a granite column in the rear, mirroring the facade, are intact.


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Shari' Bab al-Wada, Cairo, Egypt
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Associated Names
before 1750/1164 AH
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Variant Names
Sabil wa Hawd 'Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda
Sabil and Hawd of 'Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda
Sabil and Hod of 'Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda
Fountain and Water Trough of 'Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda