Dar al-Mahfuzat
Cairo, Egypt
The Archives building is located at the entrance to the Citadel, on the side of the old Mamluk ceremonial drum-station (tablakhana). It was built during the reign of Muhammad 'Ali in an attempt to centralize Egypt's expanding bureaucracy, and today is known as the Registry and Property Records Archive of the Egyptian Finance Ministry. There is also a library inside. 

A central courtyard is surrounded by three sections (for Arabic records, Turkish records, and Arabic petitions) and is approached by a fortified gateway. In 1935/1353 AH, the building was expanded on the western side, where the present entrance is now located, and more recently on the eastern side. The retaining wall of the forecourt to the main building has a portion of an earlier Ottoman stone facade embedded in its masonry, decorated with carved strapwork.


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Cairo, Egypt
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1828/1244 AH
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Dar al-Mahfuzat al-ʿUmumiyya
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