Mnara Mosque
Zanzibar, Tanzania
The Manara Mosque was built in 1834-1835/1250 AH by Muhammad b. Abdulkadir al-Mansaby, a member of a saintly clan from the Benadir, a coastal region of Somalia and a prominent Arab merchant in Zanzibar from the 1820s to 1840s. It was likely built on the site of an older Sunni mosque, possibly dating to the 17th century or earlier. It was enlarged in 1841 and again by Seyyid Ali bin Said in 1890. The mosque is notable for its conical minaret, one of only three in East Africa and the only that sits on a base.


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Zanzibar, Tanzania
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Associated Names
1834-1835/1250 AH
Variant Names
Malindi Mosque
Msikiti wa Balnara
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