Oued Akreuch Community School
Akrach, Morocco
Communal eduational, medical, and social facilities created by villagers with support from private and government agencies: Before the project, the site was a squatter settlemen: the hovels and shacks had no water, electricity, or sanitary facilities.

The project is organised on the principles of a co-operative. It has developed from its early concentration on improving the primary school to a social and education centre for migrants and their families. The simple architecture must be seen in contrast to the squalid structures they replace. There are 17, one-storey buildings containing the following programmes: new mother training center, kindergarten, primary school, trade training center, womens center, poultry farm, and a dispensary.

The buildings were constructed by members of the community with locally produced materials. The buildings, mostly square or rectangular, are laid out in a square master plan to form a campus.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Akrach, Morocco
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Oued Akrouch
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health care