Halawa Farmhouse
Salt, Jordan

Halawa Farmhouse exhibits a modern, minimal, and environmentally-friendly building that is in complete harmony with its natural topography. For the client, a doctor whose busy and formal life encouraged him to opt for a more relaxing and informal retreat away from the hustle of the city. One of the most important design decisions was the house's orientation. The home shares a direct connection with nature through the use of oversized windows that welcome forest views into the interior. On the other hand, the view towards the home is obstructed from the street level.  

The layout expresses a special relationship that is simple and direct. Distributed on the uncomplicated diagram, the public and private spaces were distributed primarily according to the accessibility factor, unlike most other traditional homes.

The facades borrow stone cut from the site itself, blending into the natural and unique fabric while developing an environmentally-friendly trend. Plastered concrete is employed, its color blending with the surrounding nature. The entrance of the home is confined before it enjoys the spacious open-plan layout of the interior embraced with its framing views.

Source: Saja Nashashibi

Salt, Jordan
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Completed 2011
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Halaweh Farm
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