Brick House
Jerash, Jordan

Made out of two skin layers, glass and concrete brick, this 1200 sqm country house in the hilly landscape of Jerash. The idea was to make the flow of the design similar to that of the topography by placing the platforms of the house within the different levels of the mountain.  The choice of material for the elevations of the house was concrete brick, with varying slots along the elevation allowing in different amounts of light, depending on the relation between the scenery and the spatial function. The edge of the building disintegrates into the site completely.

The house is divided into three different levels; entry zone, living zone, and the entertainment zone. The entry zone is represented by a simple level connected to the street with the living zone, the latter contains the main house functions and is connected with the entertainment zone where the internal pool and wet areas are placed.

The materials were used in their natural form with minimal intervention or finishing; thermal concrete blocks, screed concrete around the pools and terraces, and wooden floors for the living zones.

Source: Saja Nashashibi

Jerash, Jordan
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Completed 2016
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