Residence DA
Jerash, Jordan

The house took the form of several frames moving to capture the picturesque views; all masses had to open up towards the good views, and close up and turn away from undesired ones.  The client's family wanted this farm to be their getaway place from the city where they could spend quality time together and at the same time to provide each individual with some sort of privacy if desired. 

The form is simply composed of a pure stone-cladded rectangle defining entrances and holding public get-together spaces, in addition to a plastered concrete U-Shape containing more private functions protruding from the main rectangle.  

On the top floor, the parents’ master bedroom and kids’ rooms are on opposite ends of the “U”, overlooking the pool below, and separated by a humble sitting space. In between the voids of the "U", sub-spaces with more interactive functions were formed, like the court, shaded private backyard, special green pockets, and the garage.  

In addition to the primary pool, multiple water features can be found like a kids' pool, a Jacuzzi, more than one water fountain and shallow water surfaces deriving their water from the dam.

Source: Saja Nashashibi

Jerash, Jordan
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Completed 2014
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