Maraqa Residence
Dead Sea, Jordan

The holiday home accommodates the client and his family. Located in Ma'in, the design turns its back to the dark basalt mountains behind it, and overlooks the Dead Sea to the west. The site is relatively small, and having green spaces was one of the client's main concerns. As a result, the footprint does not to spread on the whole site but rather give it an L-shape that encloses a public terrace with an infinity pool that pours into a lower stream as a reflection of the waterfalls of Ma'in.

The house is divided into two floors. The design of the ground floor is similar to that of a hotel or a spa, where there is a common public area with its services to one side, an open kitchen as a buffer zone and on the other side four bedrooms. Each room has its own bathroom opening up to a Japanese garden lit from a clerestory window above, and direct access to the pool. The top floor is a private floor reserved for the client and his wife. A sitting room opens up to a spacious roof terrace that can be used in public events when needed.

Source: Saja Nashashibi

Dead Sea, Jordan
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Completed 2016
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Maraqa Residence
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private residence