Barcode House
Fuheis, Jordan

The residence is situated on a site that offers splendid views of a strand of oak trees that are over 60 years old. 

In an attempt to preserve as much of the natural vegetation as possible, the footprint of the design was spilled around the few existing oak trees; resulting in a final form of a two-layered L-shape.  The first outer layer is specified for the circulation and services. The elevation of this part represents a barcode. Reflecting the surrounding environment into the interior, and the manipulation of light to introduce playful shadows into the spaces were the main concepts behind the barcode. 

 The second inner layer represents the living vibrant layer, where the main functions of the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and dining room are placed. This layer is connected directly with an inner court, garden, and pool. A guest house is given its own privacy at the lower level with direct access to the lower court and garage.  The elevation of this layer is of pure transparent glass, while privacy for the functions behind it is maintained through the screening offered by two large existing oak trees.  

Source: Saja Nashashibi

Fuheis, Jordan
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Completed 2016
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Barcode House
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private residence