Yaghmour Office and Gallery
Amman, Jordan
Established in Amman, Yaghmour Architects renovated an old building from the 1940s, set in the old neighborhood of Luweibdeh, to become the new location for their headquarters. Yaghmour has other office branches in Bethlehem, the United Arab Emirates and a newly established office in Toronto, Canada.

The Gallery portrays  the experiences of an architect, his acquaintances with land, light, stone and what comes in between if ever changing shades and shadows, of connected and disconnected ideas. This gallery exhibits the experience of 27 years through 10 projects that project their shadows to their surroundings, to enrich what comes after, and remind us of the necessity of everyday learning.

Source: Rula Yaghmour
Amman, Jordan
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500 m²
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