Cité Ibn Khaldun
Tunis, Tunisia
The Ibn Khaldoun settlement was conceived as a pilot project for the relocation of the population of two squatter settlements in the outskirts of Tunis. The first phase, consisting of the construction of 1,500 units (out of 5,100 projected units) for low-to-middle income residents, was completed in 1974. The chosen site was next to the squatter settlements. Three types of dwelling units were developed ranging from a two-room house on one level to a five-room house organized on two levels and set around a courtyard. The units were assembled in a variety of ways to form articulated linear blocks with an average density of 40 units/ha. The basic structure is load-bearing brick walls and reinforced concrete frame. All exterior surfaces are covered with cement plaster.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tunis, Tunisia
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