Mawlay Hafid's Palace
Tangier, Morocco

This opulent building in the northern part of the the San Francisco District on rue Benchimol was vonstructed in 1912 by Moulay Hafid after he abdicated power and took up residence in Tangier. Though still referred to by many as Moulay Hafid's Palace, he was unable to take up residence there before being forced into exile altogether. In 1922 it was acquired by the Italian government to establish the Palazzo dell Instituzzioni Italiane. 

It was part of a large complex that included a hospital, restaurant, library, and other activities, located between Rue Ibn Hazm and Rue de Bourrakla the the north and south, and Rue Moulay Idriss and Rue Benchimol to the west and east. 


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Tangier, Morocco
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Associated Names
1912-1914/1330-1332 AH
1922/1340 AH purchased by Italian government
Style Periods
Variant Names
Palazzo delle Instituzioni Italiene
Palace of Italian Institutes
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