Hisham Munir
b. 1930

Hisham Munir, founder and owner of Hisham Munir and Associates, is a prolific Iraqi architect. His firm won first prize in 14 of the 18 design competitions they entered, more than any other firm in Iraq. His projects include buildings for education, health, administrative, governmental, banking, hospitality, tourism, housing, and agriculture, among others. 

In 1957 his firm partnered with The Architects Collaborative (TAC) to build parts of the massive campus of the University City in Baghdad. The project was the first of many collaborations between Munir and Associates and TAC. Munir has also collaborated with British, Brazilian, Canadian, Dutch, Italian and Swiss firms. Some of Munir's best known work includes the University of Mosul (1956), the Agricultural Complex (1975), the Iraqi Reinsurance Company in Baghdad (1976), and Sheraton Hotels in Baghdad and Basra (1981), and the Al-Sabah Complex in Kuwait (1976).

A respected academic, Hisham Munir received a B. Arch from the University of Texas at Austin and his M.Arch. from University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He has published numerous articles in Iraqi and international publications, and was one of the founders of the School of Architecture in the University of Baghdad, where he also taught and served as Dean.  


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