Unknown Soldier Monument
Baghdad, Iraq
The design concept of the monument was conceived by the late Iraqi architect Khalid Al Rahaal, and was carried out by architects Marcello D'Olivo(Italian) in collaboration with Hisham Munir and his office (Iraqi). The artificial hill is shaped like a low, truncated cone of 250m diameter. It is surrounded by slanting girders of triangular section that are covered with marble. Red granite, stepped platforms of elliptical form lead to the dome and cubic sculpture. The steel flagpole is entirely covered with Murano glass panels fixed on stainless steel arms and displaying the national flag colours. The cantilevered dome is 42m in diameter and follows an inclination of 12 degrees. It's external surface is cladded with copper, while its inner surface features a soffit finished with pyramidal modules alternating steel and copper. The promenade is covered by a semi-circular, flat roof supported on a triangular steel bracing. The roof is covered with a copper sheet and the soffit displays V-shapped panels of stainless steel and Murano glass.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Baghdad, Iraq
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