Roswag Architekten

"With responsibility for more than 60% of worldwide CO2 emissions and its status as the world's largest consumer of non-renewable energy resources, the construction industry is directly responsible for the dramatic state of our planet and it's rapidly deteriorating climate. In collaboration with ambitious clients and partners we aim to develop pioneering projects and research solutions for a futuristic society where it is possible to largely eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Humility, durability, and a strong relationship with context offer the possibility of a future Architecture that is timeless and tranquil.

Through wide-ranging discourse within communities and among experts we consider, discuss, and realize global Architecture that strives to promote the use of local natural resources. These materials facilitate the creation of comfortable and healthy dwellings that allow us to live in better harmony with nature. Through focussed project work and selected competition entries combined with ongoing professional and team development, we aim to use our growing knowledge and experiences to create a series of new dynamic solutions for the complex questions posed by an ever-evolving built environment.

Flat hierarchy, positivity, and a respectful approach create space for solution-oriented teamwork both in-house and with our partners. Focussed, consequent projects, developed for the end-user, lead to a high degree of acceptance and a long-lasting satisfaction for all parties involved."


Roswag Architekten. "Profile." Accessed January 3, 2016.

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