Tipu Sultan Merkez School
Jar Maulwi, Pakistan
Seven additional classrooms of 40 m2 at this school on two storeys both minimise land use and demonstrate the potential earth and bamboo have for load-bearing constructions. Following earthquake design strategies, the building is divided into two parts, connected by a multipurpose veranda area. The ground floor is built of 60-cm-thick cob walls on a brick foundation without formwork, protected by a horizontal damp-proof course. Glassed southern windows collect solar energy for winter and in summer cross-ventilation cools the interior. Light bamboo-frame structures are mixed in with earth for the first-floor walls. The ceilings and roofs use a system of triple-layer bamboo beams joined with simple knots and steel rods, then covered with a layer of earth.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jar Maulwi, Pakistan
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Completed 2013
650 m²
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Tipu Sultan Merkez School
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