Wang Shu

Architect/Professor Wang Shu lives in Hangzhou, where he established the Amateur Architecture Studio with his wife Lu WenYu together in 1997. He’s been working and doing research on re-establishment of contemporary Chinese architecture, which reflects in his projects as the Ceramic Houses, Vertical Courtyard Apartment, the Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum, Five scattered Houses, New Campus of China Academy of Art in HangZhou, Ningbo Historic Museum, Tengtou Pavilion for Shanghai expo, etc. The application of vernacular, traditional, recycled construction materials with modern technology is an important and unique feature of their designs.   Such efforts emphasize their concerns with sustainable development of architecture. Their projects have been published in numerous books and magazines around the world. And also their works have been shown in museums, art and architecture centers, and educational institutes throughout the world. He serves as the head of School of Architecture in China Academy of Art, one of the best art schools in China. He’s been invited by universities, colleges and other institutes around the world to participate academic conferences, give lectures and make speeches.

Wang Shu has been awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2012. He and Lu Wenyu are the winners of the Schelling Architecture Prize in 2010 and he also received the Gold Prize of Architecture from France Architecture Academy in 2011.Wang Shu is the Kenzo Tange Visiting Professor at the Harvard Design School for the Fall semester 2011.


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