Ningbo Historic Museum
Ningbo, China
Located in a new district of Ningbo, this museum seeks to marry 1200 years of city history to the natural environment, in accordance with Chinese tradition. It employs recycled materials with modern construction techniques, using the local practice of ‘Wapan Wall’ building, where materials from buildings damaged in typhoons are reused. This gives a randomised appearance that is intentionally organic and that is underlined by the geologic form of the building, which nods to local mountains. Equally, an artificial lake to the north is dammed at the middle entrance allowing water to flow over a ‘field’ of cobblestones. Internally, a labyrinth of pathways connects public spaces that are flexible to accommodate ever-changing exhibitions.


The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 2011.
Ningbo, China
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Ningbo Historic Museum
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