Awrangzib, Mughal Emperor of India
1618-1701/1027-1118 AH (r. 1658-1707/1068-1118 AH)
Abu al-Muzaffar Muhammad Muhyi al-Din Awrangzib was the sixth Mughal emperor. He was one of four sons of Shah Jahan who vied for the throne, ultimately jailing his father, defeating two brothers in battle, and having his eldest brother Dara Shikuh executed publicly. He ascended to power in 1658/1068 AH, ten years before his father's natural death, and took the title Alamgir ("World-Seizer"). After his death he was given the epithet khuld-makani ("resident of paradise").

Awrangzib is described by early-Modern historians as deeply committed to the Muslim faith and as an ascetic. He is thus credited with ushering in a period of religious conservatism at the Mughal court during his long reign of fifty years. 


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Variant Names
ابو المظفر محيي الدين محمد اورنگزیب عالمگیر پدشاه
Abu al-Muzaffar Muyhi al-Din Muhammad Awrangzib Alamgir Padishah