Georges Parcq
Georges Parcq (1874-1939) was born in Pontlevoy, France. He graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 1903. After his studies, he was mandated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to build the French Consulate General in Smyrna. 

He moved to Cairo in 1910 where he was active for over thirty years. He oversaw the design and construction of sumptuous villas and “immeubles de rapport” (luxury low-rise apartment blocks). He also worked for the Francophile Syrian-Lebanese elite, various prestigious companies and for members of the royal family and the government. Commissioned by Elias and Joseph Sednaoui to build their respective Garden City villas, he designed the famous and imposing Sednaoui emporium on Khazindar Square. Another Parcq mansion on the embassy route is "Pakistan House." Built for industrialist Emile Jacobs in 1935, it was subsequently purchased by Aga Khan III who in turn donated it to the Pakistan government. Parcq is also credited for the Orient Bank, the Aly Theatre of Alexandria, the Minost Villa and a range of other buildings in Egypt. 


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