Ismaïl Pasha 3
Cairo, Egypt

The residential building of Ismaïl Pasha 3 in Garden City was designed by Georges Parcq (1874-1939) in 1929 for a Syrian industrialist known as Sabet Sabet. The French architect moved to Cairo in 1910 where he was active for over thirty years.

The outline of the building follows a corner site and presents three different volumes. The main block consists of an “avant-corps” with a semi-circular facade supported by two Doric columns. One of the specific features is the “lesene” flanked on both sides of the overhanging circular block. Georges Parcq integrates in his eclectic design neo-classical features and Streamline Art Deco: antique columns, series of balusters are mixed with curved Deco forms for balconies, Deco frieze under the cornice and wrought-iron balustrades.

Cairo, Egypt
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Construction 1929
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