Dogan Tekeli
Mr. Dogan Tekeli, a Turkish architect, has been in private practice with his partner, Sami Sisa, since 1952, when they graduated from Istanbul Technical University. Mr. Tekeli lectured in architectural design at the Maçka School of Architecture and Engineering of Istanbul Technical University, and was president of the Chamber of Turkish Architects for one term in 1957. Mr. Tekeli and his partner have won more than twenty design competitions in Turkey, most of which have been realised. Among their works are the environmental design for the Fortress of Rumelia, a market complex in Istanbul (Manifaturacilar çarsisi), Lassa Tyre Factory in Izmit, and the Halkbank Headquarters in Ankara; they are presently working on an international passenger terminal for the Antalya Airport. Mr. Tekeli was a consultant to the Municipality of Istanbul from 1985-88, and is a member of the board of the Turkish Association of Consulting Engineers and Architects. The works of Sami Sisa and Dogan Tekeli are published in two monographs, Architectural Works (1974) and Projects and Buildings (1995). In 1995, Messrs. Tekeli and Sisa were awarded the 4th National Grand Prize of Architecture by the Turkish Chamber of Architects. Mr. Tekeli served as a member of the 1992 Award Master Jury and the 1995 Award Steering Committee.

(Source: AKAA)
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