Lassa Tire Factory
Ismil, Turkey
Situated near Izmit on the main road from Istanbul to Ankara, the factory is in proximity to the sea and is served by the railway. Located in an industrial area, the factory is able to draw from a local labour force, and employs 1130 people. As conceived, the project had to answer to two contrasting functions: the more formal front of administration, worker facilities, etc. and the plant itself, organized according to production needs.

A landscaping scheme was developed and implemented later. A linear organization from north to south was established for the layout of the plant. Additional floor levels exist where necessary for production needs, though they are not apparent on the elevations. Arched, semi-circular roof lights provide natural lighting throughout the factory and round vent windows, at eye-level, allow for views out. The administration building contains offices, conference rooms and a small medical service area. The workers' building houses lockers, WC's, the kitchen, food stores, plus dining and recreation areas and is linked to the administration building on an upper level by a suspended gallery. These two buildings have a sense of openness and are outward looking in comparison to the plant. The factory represents a definite achievement in building technology in Turkey, and is the first totally prefabricated and especially produced on-site concrete structure throughout the country. The architect was interested in improving technology without importing it - hence all materials are local and all labour Turkish, as were all consultants.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Ismil, Turkey
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1,000,000 m²
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Lassa Lastik Fabrikasi
Lassa Tyre Factory
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