Ayşen Savaş
Dr. Ayşen Savaş, whose practice has developed at the intersection of architecture and museum studies, has designed, and researched and written about museums. Dr. Savaş received a BArch and MArch from the Faculty of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, and a phD from MIT. She has taught consistently at METU since 1995, though she has also instructed at MIT and the University College of London. She has developed several courses in the areas of architectural research, computational design, modes of representation, and architectural modelling and design.

Dr. Savaş has worked as a designer, researcher, consultant, and curator on numerous architectural projects, often times in hybrid capacities. Among her notable projects are the Yüksel Erimtan Museum, Ankara (2011-2014) on which she worked as an architect, consultant and curator, the QUBA Museum (2012-present), to which she contributed as a curator, the Kızılay Museum (2010-present), for which she is a co-architect, the Machine and Chemistry Industry Corporation Museum (2011-present) for which she has worked as an architect, consultant, and curator, and the Shanghai EXPO 2010 Turkey Pavilion (2009-2010) for which her work as architect, consultant, and curator was awarded the silver medal in theme development by the Bureau International des Expositions.

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