Erimtan Arkeoloji Ve Sanat Müzesi
Ankara, Türkiye
The Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum is a cultural institution devoted to the display of historical objects from across the geographic and chronological landscapes of Anatolia, acquired by 20th century collector Yüksel Erimtan.  Commissioned by the Yüksel Erimtan Kültür ve Sanat Vakfı, the museum's design phase, undertaken by Ayşen Savaş, Can Aker, and Onur Yüncü, began in 2011, followed by the construction of the museum, beginning in 2013, and continuing until the museum's completion in 2015. In addition to facilitating the museum's functions, the museum design seeks also to revitalize the historical environments of Ankara, and contribute to the creation of a cultural "müze yolu" or "museum route", providing passage between the Rahmi M. Koç Museum, and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

The design of the museum intends to inspire dialogue between new and old structures incorporating the pre-existing environs of the Ankara Fortress and Castle; among the site adapted for the museum's facilities are three revitalized, historic homes. The materials used in the modification of the space remained true to local resources and aesthetic, including stone-masonry typical in the area, in addition to exposed concrete. Among the facilities produced within this context, is a multi-purpose exhibition hall, used for temporary exhibitions, museum programs and outreach activities, an archaeological library, a kitchen and cafe, and storage facilities. The surrounding halls provide exhibition space for objects of the permanent, historical collection, designed and curated by Ayşen Savaş.


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"Tarihce." Erimtan - Museum. Accessed 09 June, 2016.
Ankara, Türkiye
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renovated 2015/1436 AH
Total construction space; 1850 square meters. Plot dimensions, 1070 square meters.
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Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum
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