Ebba Koch

Ebba Koch (Ausserordentliche Professorin, University of Vienna) received her Dr. phil. in History of Art and Classical Archaeology from the University of Vienna, Austria, in 1986. She taught as a visiting professor at Oxford (2008) and Harvard (2008/09) and was a senior researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (2009-2014) and Tagore National Fellow for Cultural Research under the Indian Ministry of Culture (2015-2017). Dr. Koch has conducted major surveys of Mughal architecture in the Indian Subcontinent. Her other research interests are Mughal painting and applied art, the political, social and symbolic meaning of art, and the artistic connections between the Mughals and their neighbours and Europe. She has published widely on these topics: her major publications are Mughal Architecture (1991/2014), Mughal Art and Imperial Ideology (2001), The Complete Taj Mahal and the Riverfront Gardens of Agra (2006/2012), and as co-author with M.C. Beach, King of the World: The Padshahnama: An Imperial Mughal Manuscript from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle (1997). Most recently she edited together with Ali Anooshahr the collective volume The Mughal Empire from Jahangir to Shah Jahan (2019).

Source: https://ebbakoch.academia.edu/