Hisham ibn ʻAbd al-Malik, Umayyad Caliph
691-743/72-125 AH, r. 724-743/105-125 AH
Hisham ibn 'Abd al-Malik was the tenth caliph of the Umayyads, the first hereditary dynasty of Islam. Born in 691/72 AH in Damascus, Hisham was the fourth son of 'Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan to reign, after al-Walid, Sulayman and Yazid. He reigned for nearly twenty years, from 724/105 AH to 743/125 AH.

Hisham is credited with the construction of a number of the Umayyad qusur: rural compounds ranging in form from palaces to small towns. Included as part of his patronage are Qasr al-Hayr al-GharbiQasr al-Hayr al-SharqiKhirbat al-Mafjar, and the mosque at Rusafa.


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Variant Names
هشام بن عبد الملك
Hishām ibn ʻAbd al-Malik