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Sayka Architecture & Construction Ltd. was established in Ankara, Turkey, by Saadet Sayın, conservation architect, S.Sırrı Sayın, civil engineer, and Ahmet Sayın, economist, in 1986. Sayka’s portfolio consists of award-winning projects in the restoration of historical heritage and in the cultural, health, residential, commercial and urban conservation sectors, including the prestigious Europa Nostra award for conservation in 2019. Sayka’s practice in heritage conservation prioritises the rehabilitation and consolidation of cultural assets by retaining their authentic features, while addressing site-specific demands with a reversible and sustainable approach. Predominantly dealing with public buildings and monuments dating up to 3,000 years, the primary concern in the design approach is to optimise the potential of the site while enhancing the socio-cultural life of the local community. Saadet Sayın is active within the community as the founder and member of various associations

and spends a great deal of time implementing local and international education programmes in the field.

Source: Aga Khan Award for Architecture

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