Rehabilitation of Tarsus Old Ginnery
Tarsus, Turkey

An adaptive re-use of a historic industrial complex as a contemporary centre for archaeological research and public engagement, this project involved the restoration and redesign of the dilapidated buildings of an abandoned 19th century ginnery in Tarsus to serve as the premises of the Bogaziçi Üniversity team excavating the ancient mound of Gözlükule (with living quarters, an artifacts depot, and study room) as well as a conference hall and exhibition space open to the public and a library, cafe, and courtyard. The creative design approach and interplay between spaces has reintegrated the complex of four buildings and central open space into the life of the city.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tarsus, Turkey
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Occupancy 2017
2,569 m²
Variant Names
Rehabilitation of Tarsus Old Ginnery
Building Usages
research center
Aga Khan Award for Architecture Shortlisted Project