Plan d'amènagement de Rabat-Salé
Rabat, Morocco

In the studies and plans that were made under Écochard’s direction and executed between 1948 and 1956 under the new “plan d’amènagement” for Rabat-Salé, “La Cité Jacoub al-Mansour” occupies a central position. The idea behind the project was, of course, that residents of the existing bidonville of Dabbagh would be located to this new adjacent town as soon as their units were completed, and that their substandard housing would be destroyed to make room for the next phase of construction.

Whilst considerably smaller than Dabbagh, (Douar Doum’s) location was far more threatening. It was much too close to the highest-value land in the ville nouvelle...This zone was now being planned as the Quartier Aviation, destined to house an expansion of the administrative district as well as villas for many of the civil servants connected with government ...The project, called Youssoufia, was built and even extended but Douar Doum remained and spread even further.

The third area designated to receive low-cost housing for Moroccans was on the outskirts of Salé. In the end the Écochard module was rejected in favor of groups of apartment buildings of two to four stories.

Source: Abu-Lughod, Janet. Rabat: Urban Apartheid in Morocco. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1980. pp. 228-232

Rabat, Morocco
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