Sharanam Centre for Rural Developement
Pondicherry, India
Sharanam, meaning "refuge", is a centre for rural development enabling a local NGO to expand its community-led transformation of underdeveloped villages outside Pondicherry. The buildings are designed to host communities in active programmes and workshops in all spheres of village life. It comprises a large vaulted multi-purpose hall, offices, a newspaper studio, a community radio station, facility blocks, gardens and environmental infrastructure on two hectares revived through the planting of over 1,000 trees. A green amphitheatre (capacity 500), cut into the natural slope of the site, acts as a shaded place of welcome. The primary material is compressed earth bricks, and the superstructure utilises free-spanning techniques to build an array of thin vaults.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Pondicherry, India
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Completed 2014
1,728 m²
Variant Names
Sharanam Centre for Rural Developement
Building Usages
community development
urban design and development
Aga Khan Award for Architecture Nominee