Lahore Fort Complex: Nur Jahan's Tomb
Lahore, Pakistan
The tomb of Nur Jahan is in Lahore, near the tomb of her husband Jahangir, along the river Ravi. She commissioned it herself, probably at around the same time as Jahangir's tomb was built. The scheme is similar to Jahangir's tomb, although Nur Jahan's tomb is about half the size. It is set in a charbagh garden with water channels, tanks, cascades, fountains, causeways, and wooded avenues. The tomb itself is an arcaded plinth, with octagonal towers on the corners and central arch-frames projecting from each wing. The facades are of red sandstone with white marble, and each contains seven arches. Both the tomb and the garden are in poor condition.


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Lahore Fort, Lahore, Pakistan
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