Nur Jahan, Mughal Empress
1577-1645/985-1055 AH

Nur Jahan was the wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Her name was Mihr al-Nisa' and the title Nur Jahan was given to her as an honorific name during his reign. 

She is known as having been a powerful woman and leader, governing the country in the name of her husband. In addition to her prowess as a ruler, she was well versed in literature and is remembered for being fashionable. She outlived her husband by fourteen years but did not retain much political clout after his death, as she failed in an attempt to install her candidate, a son-in-law, as successor to Jahangir.


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Variant Names
نور جهان پادشاه بگم
Nur Jahan Padishah Begam