Langa Bostanı (MEGT)
Istanbul, Türkiye
Langa Bostanı, located on the shore of the Sea of Marmara, appears in many sources. Known during the Byzantine period as Vlanga, it was an important harbor made where sand and stones that were swept down from the Bayrampası valley collected. Protected by a tower where it opened onto the sea, this harbor had silted up by the sixteenth century and had become a market garden, as seen in Matrakçı Nasuh's depiction of Istanbul (Beyān-ı menāzil, 8b). Within a square stone wall, two flowering trees can be seen on a yellow ground; a smaller square with a green ground contains a tree in blossom and two garden wells.
Under the heading “Langa Bahçesi,” Evliya Çelebi (Seyahatnâmesi, 1:145a) describes the areas of Istanbul where both the elite and people from all four corners of the city could walk freely.
In the seventeenth century, Eremya Çelebi (XVII. asırda İstanbul, 3–4) says that the Küçük Vlanga Bostanı was to be found near the gate of Davutpaşa, and the Büyük Vlanga Bostanı near that of Yenikapı; he adds that the cucumbers grown at the tower known as Papaz Kulesi, one foot of which stood in the sea and which was surrounded by a two-story outer wall, were very large. He mentions that the word langa means verdant in Greek. On the following page, he talks of Langa Bostanı next to Kadırga Limanı, and says that the area partly supplied the vegetables needed by the inhabitants of Istanbul. It must be supposed that the silting-up of Kadırga Limanı led him to confuse it with Langa Bostanı. 
The text for this entry is adapted from Nurhan Atasoy, Garden for the Sultan, 273–74.

Source: Travel Account, 16th century | Travel Account, 17th century


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Istanbul, Türkiye
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