Patio de la Alberquilla, al-Madinat al-Zahra’ (MEGT)
Córdoba, Spain
The construction of al-Madinat al-Zahra’ began in 936 during the reign of ‘Abd al-Rahman III (912–961) and continued during the reign of his son al-Hakam II (961–976). The so-called Casa de la Alberquilla is one of the houses built inside the alcázar (palace), organized around a courtyard with two main double halls on each side; one of each can be considered a portico. Its small garden, surrounded by irrigation channels, has a pool in front of the west portico. The site was destroyed by the Berber army in 1010.
Sources: Court Chronicle, 10th century | Archaeological Analysis, 20th century

- Antonio Almagro,Luis Ramón-Laca


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Almagro, Antonio, and Luis Ramón-Laca. “Patio de la Alberquilla, al-Madinat al-Zahra’.” Middle East Garden Traditions. Dumbarton Oaks, November 18, 2014. Archived at:

Córdoba, Spain
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Dates of attested life: 950-1010
Date of entry of information: April 2007
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Patio de la Alberquilla, al-Madinat al-Zahra’