Najah National University
Nablus, Palestine
The liberal arts annex was designed as an extension to the existing building of the Al Najah University in the West Bank city of Nablus. In the early 1970's, the Al Najah High School was transformed into the region's first institution of higher education. The site is on the periphery of Nablus, southwest of the old city centre, on a slope with its highest point to the south.

The new annex to the existing university complex is a four-storey block and is linked to the original building by two walkways. One of these is enclosed and links the lower three levels. The other forms an arcade at ground level with an open bridge over it. The annex is organised around two open courtyards and contains the classrooms, offices and dining areas designed with chamfered corners. The smaller courtyard to the west area is a simple rectangle. Both courtyards are surrounded by arcades from which there is access to classrooms, offices, and stairwells leading to the upper levels. Narrow window openings are regularly positioned on each floor. At the ground level, the entrances, arcades, and iwans are indicated by either pointed or segmental arches. The annex was designed collectively by a group of local architects and engineers on a voluntary basis. It is constructed using a reinforced concrete skeleton, ribbed slabs, concrete block infill and partitions, and chiseled local limestone cladding for the exterior.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Nablus, Palestine
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